Case Studies

Testimonial: Solar Insulation


Approached By Buyer

The president of a wholesale distribution company was approached by a potential buyer about selling a division of the company.  The president recognized that his internal resources did not have the ability or time to develop financial statements that were specific to the buyer's desired view of the single division.  CAPSTONE was engaged to assist the president and his staff in developing the appropriate financial information for the buyer.


Multi-Faceted Needs & Counsel

The owner of a wholesale distribution company had a desire to market her business to a strategic buyer.  The owner had experienced disappointment with previous advisors.  CAPSTONE was engaged to perform an assessment of the business and to develop and execute a strategy for selling the business.  Additionally, CAPSTONE created a plan to spin-off a division of the existing company that would be funded by proceeds from the sale.


Unsuccessful Business Brokering

The owner of a successful aesthetics clinic engaged a business broker to "list the business for sale.  After two years of no success, CAPSTONE was engaged to assist.  The clinic was marketed, by CAPSTONE, to a community of prospective buyers.  During our process, the owner's personal circumstances changed and CAPSTONE introduced a taxation expert to compliment the process to insure that personal and business objectives were reached.  CAPSTONE was able to close the transaction in eight months and exceeded the target sale price by 60%.


Combined Business Sale

A group of dentists (operating independent practices) wanted to take advantage of their position and sell their practices during an industry roll-up period.  The four owners each had individual motivation to convert their assets.  CAPSTONE was engaged and sold the four practices as a group, to a publicly traded company, enhancing the collective purchase price.


Business Closing

The owner of a veterinary clinic was diagnosed with a debilitating health condition.  She could no longer participate in the day-to-day operations and management that the business required.  CAPSTONE was engaged and conducted an assessment of the financial and operational status of the clinic.  Despite the discovery of many unbilled services, accounting errors, and a negative sale prediction, the owner wanted to remain open until a buyer was secured.  Through its marketing process, CAPSTONE quickly identified a buyer and facilitated a sale of the clinic.


Sale in Default

A business owner died, leaving his long-time business partner as the executor of his estate.  The notable hitch in moving forward with the business was the discovery that the deceased's estate contained a corporation that was doing business as a franchisee.  As the estate was in probate, ownership had not been transferred in compliance within the franchisor's required time frame from the date of the owner's death, placing the franchisee in default and facing a discounted purchase offer from the franchisor.  CAPSTONE was engaged to gain clarification of the situation from the franchisor, work in concert with the client's attorney, and submit recommendations on regaining compliant status with the franchisor.  Within three months, CAPSTONE gained clarification from the franchisor, an extension was granted, and it was able to identify buyers, negotiate and close a transaction that was three times greater than the original offer made by the franchisor.