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Chad Connery Joins CAPSTONE as Director

We are pleased to announce Chad Connery has joined CAPSTONE Business Advisors, LLC.  He will serve as a Director, directly involved in assisting and advising our clients in the growth of their companies as well as the divestiture of some of their holdings.

Chad has over 20 years’ experience in healthcare, medical equipment management and advertising.  His time in corporate America has been focused on business development, marketing and sales management with cross experience in business and financial planning. He is a results oriented leader in the development of marketing and advertising with focus on the development of new territories and new products.

He brings a wealth of experience and energy to assist businesses with their decisions to grow or divest elements of a business.  His integrity and interpersonal skills are an asset to CAPSTONE and our clients.

Chad can be reached at 615-312-8280 (office), 615-686-6115 or