CAPSTONE Case Study: Dock Building and Metal Works Business

CAPSTONE Case Study: Dock Building and Metal Works Business

A Successful Inter-Family Transfer, 4 Years in the Making 

Chuck and Rich first met the owner of a dock building and metal works business in 2018. The owner was in his mid-60s and starting to think about selling his business as he approached retirement. CAPSTONE continued to stay in touch with him over the next few years to remind him we would be there when the time was right. In the summer of 2021, during a follow-up call, the owner stated he was ready for CAPSTONE to perform an assessment to determine the value of his business. 

As we like to say, selling a business isn’t like selling residential real estate. There are not always people lining up to buy your business, and the process is much more in-depth.  You need a motivated seller and buyer to be successful. When the owner was ready to sell in late 2021, educating and working with the seller, and eventually the buyer, a lot of work had to be done. 

The owner had two family members who had expressed interest in the business. Ultimately one decided they would like to move forward in buying the business, so CAPSTONE assisted with and assembled all of the necessary paperwork banks require to submit a loan application. 

CAPSTONE approached the first bank and submitted the requested paperwork. About four weeks into the process, it became clear that this bank was going to place unattainable hurdles for both the buyer and seller. Fortunately, because CAPSTONE has developed strong relationships with many banks, everyone decided it was best to move on to another bank to continue the sales process. 

Needless to say, we had to go through the process of submitting the paperwork again. Because the buyer was young and had limited established credit or collateral, outside of the proposed business being purchased, the bank placed an extensive list of requirements to be met. This is where CAPSTONE’s expertise kicked in.  Because of our relationship with the bank and depth of experience, we were able to assist the buyer through all of the hurdles. The bank ultimately approved the sale.

Like many people who buy or sell a business, this family was not aware of all that was involved in the transaction. CAPSTONE used our expertise to advocate for the sellers and the buyer throughout the whole process.

In the end, CAPSTONE’s ability to persevere through all the roadblocks is what got this sale over the line. 

This positive outcome speaks to the depth and breadth of CAPSTONE’s experience in serving our clients at every stage of the process. 

The seller summed up his experience with CAPSTONE with this quote:

“It has been a long journey and we only saw the finish line because of your perseverance. I am not sure we could have jumped all the hurdles without your assistance. Thank you for all your hard work!” 


Can you relate? Are you getting close to retirement and thinking about selling your business? If the answer is yes, it is time to reach out to CAPSTONE and schedule a Business Assessment with one of our experienced Business Advisors. 

CAPSTONE Business Advisors utilize a practical business-focused approach to provide a point of reference in discussions about business opportunities with our clients.

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