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Testimonial: Noah's Ark Animal Hospital


Testimonial: Solar Insulation



CAPSTONE Business Advisors, LLC Synopsis of Clients                                                           

Industry: Service

Client: A commercial and residential alarm systems company that installed and monitored security. Problem: The client attempted to sell their business to retire but encountered difficulty with negotiations and contract agreements.

Solution: They decided to effect the sale in two separate transactions: One to an industry player for the account receivable and the other to a local businessman who recognized the opportunities to coordinate the security systems with his existing business.

Result: Our client realized his objectives. 


Industry: Healthcare

Client: Capstone was contracted by a bankruptcy trustee to manage a nursing home that found itself in Chapter 11.

Problem: The day we started, the previous trustee shut down all IT systems.

Solution and Result: We were able to bring the IT systems up within 3 days, manage the facility over the next 6 months and assist the trustee in the sale of the facility.         


Industry: Healthcare

Customer: A skincare solutions practice.

Problem: The client listed the medical related clinic for 3 years with a broker asking $500,000, with no success.

Solution: We reviewed the financials, corrected several errors in the reports, contacted 300 physician prospective buyers and sold the business at a 60% premium over asking price.     


Industry: Services

Customer: 20-year-old website development firm.

Problem: The client asked us to sell their IT related business. Over a five-year period, the IT world experienced significant changes which reflected an ever-changing value.

Solution: By networking with like-minded business owners, the company was acquired in what would be considered a strategic transaction.                 


Industry: Services

Customer: Nashville based laser printing company.

Problem: The client wanted to exit his business but did not have the energy nor the time to effect a transaction. He had a choice to continue to run his business or spend time on a sale, but he realized he couldn’t do both.

Solution: We assisted the client with contact and negotiation with a player in their industry and concluded a successful transaction.                               


Industry: Healthcare

Customer: Veterinary clinic.

Problem: Due to illness, the owner could no longer effectively manage the clinic. The owner’s father contacted us and requested help in assessing value and status.

Solution: We secured a buyer and worked out a purchase that achieved the objectives of the owner and new veterinarian.            


Industry: Services

Customer: A family-owned business that was ready to sell contacted us.

Problem: The patriarch of the family, and owner, objected to paying CAPSTONE fees. When the final marketing package was completed by us, the owner changed his mind and decided we were worth every penny. He commented that it was the first time he had ever had all his documents in order. However, as an ongoing business, it was determined there was no going concern value.

Solution: By selling the business in 3 parts over a 9 year period of time, the family realized over $1,800,000. It should be noted the patriarch passed away in the middle of the process.              


Industry: Manufacturing

Customer: Window film manufacturing company

Problem: Client was ready to retire so that they could spend more time with their grandchildren at their new beach home in Florida. They asked us to help them sale the business but wanted to restrict marketing effort to middle Tennessee to protect the market.

Solution: We advised them to run ‘through’ the finish line not ‘to’ the finish line. They did just that. While the first offer was for the agreed upon walk away price, a third offer exceeded walk away price by 40%.

Result: The Client received what they wanted, and the buyer bought a business with plenty of backlog.


Industry: Services

Customer: Christian Publishing Company

Problem: Introduced by the company attorney to address company’s financial records.

Solution: Established GAAP processes that enabled the owner to manage the company while maximizing cash flow. During that time we uncovered a $125,000 embezzlement scheme which was prosecuted. We also established inventory procedures and upgraded IT systems.


Industry: Professional Services

Customer: CPA Firm

Problem: We were contracted by the CPA firm to address internal conflict issues.

Solution: We served as “managing partner” for 6 months and developed a methodology to divide the partnership. During tax season, we focused on working in the business as opposed to working on the business.                


Industry: Healthcare

Customer: Pharmaceutical company

Problem: Needed to verify value for $200,000,000 company in the process of negotiating sale to an International company.

Solution: We met with the management team, reviewed financial statements and reports, and confirmed that the internal asking price was reasonable. The business sold for $180 million. We spent 3 days on this project.


Industry: Healthcare

Customer: Med-spa and skin care provider

Problem: Owner desired to retire from management and exit ownership.

Solution: We advised him to run 'through' the finsih line not 'to' the finish line. He did just that. 

Result: The Client received 6% more than assessed value and 95% of assessed value in cash at closing. The
buyer acquired a business with an ongoing positive cash flow.