"You can have everything in life that you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want."
- Zig Ziglar

Capstone Business Advisors

OLD-What We Do

We provide experienced and effective business planning advice, support, guidance, management and/or execution that drives results for our clients. The results we deliver allow our clients to capitalize on significant business opportunities with confidence.

Our services focus on areas that may be a stretch of, or completely outside, the expertise or focus of the client's a) internal organizational resources and/or b) other traditional and professional advisors (accountant, banker, attorney, financial planner, etc.). To be clear, our approach is to work in concert with our clients' existing, quality resources to compliment those areas of expertise in service to the clients' objectives.

As it relates to transactions, our clients recognize that their business and other holdings require more sophisticated capabilities, deeper relationships and a more comprehensive approach than what most main street business brokers and their business model can and will provide. We provide a higher level of service and value to clients who may not have the critical mass necessary to attract and hold the proper attention of the traditional investment banking community of advisors.

Within our relationships with clients and our service to them, we wear many hats: we act, advise, assess, challenge, clarify, coach, comfort, complement, compliment, counsel, create, direct, encourage, energize, focus, guide, implement, interpret, map, maximize, measure, offend, plan, prepare, refer, relieve, rescue, review, sell, strategize, strengthen, support, and validate.

We provide vision, reality checks, confidence, accountability, leverage, execution and results.