The attitude and skills of your advisors will have a profound impact on your success.

Capstone Business Advisors


We recognize that many consultants:

  1. bring only their book knowledge and “corporate” experience to a client’s situation,
  2. presume to know all the aspects of your business and may quickly progress into “solutions” without a proper understanding of your business and the current marketplace,
  3. have little at risk – it’s not their business, and
  4. do not carry plans and proposed “solutions” through to proper execution that serves to benefit your business.

We at CAPSTONE believe our core principle of relationships requires us not only to engage in consulting and strategic planning activities, but to roll up our sleeves and be vested in the actual successful execution of any plan. We believe consulting requires commitment from all parties to carry properly developed solutions through to execution that benefits your business. We see this as “earning our keep”.