"There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all."
- Peter Drucker

Capstone Business Advisors

Identify & Create Opportunities

We feel it is important for business owners to constantly be aware of opportunities in the market place. However, many business owners are solely focused on running their existing business, as they should be, and they may lack the time or professional resources to study, evaluate and act on these opportunities.

We at CAPSTONE assist clients with identifying external opportunities, thereby allowing their executive team to stay focused on their core business and valuable internal opportunities, such as product development, organic market expansion through a sales force, creating efficiencies, etc. External opportunities with which we can assist may include, but is not limited to, acquiring new product/service lines, proprietary assets, vertical integration, significant geographic expansion, additional capacity and/or profitable volume.

We believe the best opportunities can be the ones you create, as opposed to the ones you wait for and then respond or react. Creating and capitalizing on external opportunities requires focus, energy, action and ultimately time you may or may not have. CAPSTONE assists clients by providing these needed components once a proper assessment has been made of the current situation and the client’s professional and personal objectives have been explored and clarified through the planning process.