Business owners who rarely encounter business sale, merger or acquisition opportunities are likely not properly equipped to negotiate complex transactions with a party, or parties, who may be involved with mergers and acquisitions on a regular basis.

CAPSTONE Advisors bring years of business and negotiation experience to the table to enable business owners to maximize the terms of a transaction to meet personal and professional objectives.

We work closely with our clients' attorneys, financial and tax advisors as members of our client's professional team. We advise, support and negotiate on our clients' behalf based on real world business and negotiation experience.

A critical part of effective negotiation is being able to negotiate from a position of strength rather than weakness. A position of strength comes from proper planning and execution on the part of the business owner and their advisors.

CAPSTONE Advisors assist clients who want to develop and execute a two to five year plan to properly position themselves for transaction negotiations. We also assist clients with negotiations or mediation on shorter notice stemming from significant events in their personal life, a significant change in their business or a phone call they recently received from an "interested party".

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