Once a decision has been made to affect a transaction, a business owner's objectives are at risk of being lost due to the various elements and complexities of transactions. There are tax, timing, cash flow, transaction structure and general ego issues involved that can derail business transactions. Smaller organizations may have limited experience with various business transactions. Inexperience, alone, can negatively impact a transaction.

At CAPSTONE, we create situations in which our clients can realize their objectives in various business transactions. An emphasis on objectives is tantamount to the approach CAPSTONE takes with clients. The impact on our clients' personal finances and their lives after the transaction are critical elements to us.

CAPSTONE Advisors bring years of business transaction experience to the table for our clients. Our role in transactions is dictated by the client. This role can be simply serving as a sounding board to the client, providing advice on specific elements of a transaction, negotiating on the client's behalf with parties already at the table, or taking lead in managing an entire process (clarifying target criteria, creating opportunities, performing assessments, negotiations, due diligence assistance) to closing and beyond.

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